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Why Payment in Advance:
   ELB Internet Services, Inc. is firmly commited to the Internet Community and the preservation of the free exchange of information. ELB's policies are intended to prevent abuse of the Communities resources. We do not want ELB to become a haven for SPAMers using our accounts as "throw-aways."
   To avoid becoming a SPAM haven, ELB requires a non-refundable commitment from those who wish to use our secure e-mail facilities. We apologize for the inconvenience but feel that it is a necessary step and that it isn't too burdensome.
   Should you want to deactivate your account before your annual contract is up (or it is terminated for violation of the ToS) ELB will donate an amount equivalent to your remaining service to the Free Software Foundation.
   If you think that you should be exempted from this provision please Contact Us.

Please note that ELB Internet Services strives to be a good Netizen. We value your Privacy and Limit our services' availability to those who also strive to be good Netizens.

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