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Custom Database Solutions:
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   ELB Internet Services offers custom database solutions at affordable prices with services that are structured for small business.
   Many organizations today are forced to choose "off the shelf" software solutions that do not really fit their needs and provide no useful tech support. ELB provides you with another choice - software solutions that are created for your needs.
   ELB provides the expertise and experience to create custom database solutions using the right software for the right project. ELB designs custom graphical user interfaces where needed to match your needs and accommodate the work habits of staff members. Database Screen Shot No. 1
   Because of ELB's wide range of programing talents we have the ability to chose the right software for each project. Regardless of whether it is Microsoft's Access for a Windows based solution, one of the many Linux (UNIX) based solutions or a combination of both ELB has the expertise to design implement and roll out your data base solution.
   Contact Us today. We will be happy to discuss your needs.
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