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Supported Operating Systems:
Tux - the Linux mascot
LINUX - A POSIX compliant operating system that is Open Source and low cost. Linux is an excellent alternative to Microsoft's NT (Windows 2000) due to its low cost and the ease of customizing it. Linux is our first choice for almost all server applications and is able to inter-operate with almost any other OS.
Microsoft Windows Logo
MICROSOFT - Windows 95/98/ME/XP - A popular desktop operating system. Most every office is using Microsoft Windows of some version on their corporate desktops. ELB specializes in network systems including Fiber Optic, Fast Ethernet, 10baseT and VPN using WIntel (Windows + Intel) machines.
Microsoft Windows Logo
MICROSOFT - NT / Windows 2000 / Server 2003 - ELB supports and deploys NT/2000/2003 at the customers request or where particular software packages require only NT/2000/2003. In general we prefer to deploy Linux where possible due to it´s stability and cost.
Apple imac
APPLE - At this time ELB does not support any Apple OS. We do integrate Apple machines, using AppleTalk or Ethernet, into networks but we do not fully support Macs. Sorry Mac lovers!
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