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Affordable, Scalable Services:
   ELB Internet Services offers many different services customized to each client's specific needs. Listed below is a sampling of our most popular services but please feel free to Contact Usif you do not see exactly what you are looking for. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our services or the Internet in general.
E-mail Forwarding
Perfect for adding a professional look to your company's electronic correspondence.
   ELB will register the domain name of your choice (i.e. YourCompanyName.com), and forward all e-mail to your present e-mail account(s). ELB handles all the paperwork and provides all the necessary resources - DNS, primary and backup mail servers, forwarding records, etc.
Advantages include:
  •  Professional - The return address on all your E-mail looks more professional
 (i.e. sales@YourBusinessName.com instead of joe12485@hotmail.com)
  •  Portable - Change your Internet service provider without changing your e-mail address
  •  Flexible - Create unlimited new E-mail addresses "on-the-fly"
 ({anything}@YourBusinessName.com will be automatically sent to your mail box)
  •  Customizable - Automatically sort mail to multiple mail account - Give each employee their own address - Deliver copies to multiple people - The possibilities are endless
$35 domain registration charge - Annual contact at $10.00 per month payable one year in advance.
Order Today or Contact Us to discuss your needs.
E-mail Hosting
ELB offers a safe and secure e-mail hosting service.
   When you retreive your mail from standard mail services your e-mail is sent "in the clear" and is subject to being intercepted and read by anyone. At ELB we offer secure 128 bit SSL IMAP that encrypts your mail as it leaves our servers and SSL Web based mail, which is slightly less secure. ELB also offers standard e-mail access via POP, IMAP and UUCP over TCP/IP.
  ELB also offers SPAM (junk email) filtering upon request and for no additional charge. There are three levels of anti-spam service to choose from.
Advantages include:
  •  Secure - 128-bit encryption offers tough-to-beat security for your messages
  •  Privacy - Keep your company secrets secret.
  •  Easy - You can access this service with many standard mail clients and the encryption is transparent to the user.
  •  Accessible - Retrieve your mail from anywhere!
No set up charge. - Annual contact at $15.00 per month payable one year in advance.
Order Today or Contact Us to discuss your needs.
Basic Web Site Hosting
Basic Web Hosting for the do-it-yourselfer
   ELB hosts all sites on advanced Pentium III machines connected directly to the Internet's backbone. All machines run the Internet's number one web server, Apache. Our basic Web hosting provides many features that many would consider premium services.
Advantages include:
  •  Server Space - 50 megabytes of disk space. Additional space only $1/10Mb
  •  Data Transfer - 1 gigabyte of data transfer per month. Additional transfer $2/50Mb
  •  Includes - Secure e-mail hosting, FTP services and daily backups
  •  Advanced Features - Your own shell account and cgi-bin
  •  Software - HTDIG search engine, Webalizer graphical traffic analyzer, Minivend e-commerce shopping cart, MySQL database engine, Listar mailing list program, MailMan Web based mailing list program
No set up charge. - Monthly service at $30.00 per month
Order Today or Contact Us to discuss your needs.
Mailing Lists
Email List Hosting Services
   E-mailing lists perfect for businesses, organization, computer groups and more. Also available are mailing list archiving and digests. Unsolicited Bulk Email (SPAM) is not welcome. See our Terms of Service for details.
Advantages include:
  •  Fast Set-up - ELB provides initial set-up of the list. No set-up charge.
  •  Ease of Use - Mailman software provides an easy to use, easy to understand Web management tool which makes list management easy.
Low Volume - Monthly Service $5.00/month or $50.00/year (Under 1000 mail pieces per month)
Standard Volume - Monthly Service $9.95/month or $99.95/year (1000 to 3000 mail pieces per month)
High Volume - Monthly Service $19.95/month or $199/year (3000 to 5000 mail pieces per month)
Custom Service - Service over 5,000 pieces per month are quoted on a case by case basis
Order Today or Contact Us to discuss your needs.
Advanced Web Services
Full service Web site design and service
   ELB provides everything your company needs to create and maintain a Web presence. From domain registration, to site design, to graphic creation, to coding, to roll-out ELB provides the expertise required for a successful Web site.
Advantages include:
  •  Custom Programing - Whatever is needed to make your site work they way you want.
  •  Maintenance - ELB's job is never done! On-going maintenance and changes are fundamental to a successful site.
  •  Service - ELB works to exceed your expectation. Pro-active suggestions for additions, changes and improvements are just part of our standard service.
  •  Expertise - ELB becomes your Web "expert". You get to put ELB's experience and knowledge of the Web to use in your business.
  •  Cost - Don't think you can't afford a top-quality Web site because you are only a small business. We host and maintain this site for only $100 per month.
Contact Us to discuss your needs and for a price quote.
Computer Consulting Services
At ELB we know that the Internet is just one part of your complex business
   We offer complete computer consulting services including network design, process integration, database programming and, of course, Web services. Our specialty is working with you to assess your business and develop a plan to incorporate technology and improve productivity.
Advantages include:
  •  Process Integration - ELB provides a "computer expert's" view of your business and uses technology to streamline processes and exploit strengths
  •  Network Design - ELB specializes in cost effective design and deployment of small business networks
  •  Service - As always ELB works to exceed your expectation. A tech available when you need one - usually same day
  •  System Maintenance - ELB provides on-going network upgrade planning and basic system maintenance
Contact Us to discuss your needs and for a price quote.
Other Services
ELB beleieves in giving its customers what they want
   Are you looking for a service that you can't find here? We will work with every customer to provide exactly what they are looking for. If you don't see it listed Just Ask.
Other Services include:
  •  Domain Parking - Register your domain and we will "park" it until you are ready to activate it for only $10.00
No set up charge. - One time $10.00 charge
Order Today or Contact Us to discuss your needs.
  •  DNS Services - ELB will act as your primary, secondary, or both, domain name server for only $10.00 per month
No set up charge. - Monthly service at $10.00 per month
Order Today or Contact Us to discuss your needs.
  •  Dedicated Servers - Starting at just $250 per month you can have your own dedicated Pentium III machine connected to the Net's backbone
Contact Us to discuss your needs.
  •  Backup Hosting - ELB provides you with a cost effective, completely remote, mirror of your Web site ready to take over should your primary site go down
Service starting from $30.00 per month
Order Today or Contact Us to discuss your needs.
Contact Us to discuss your needs and for a price quote.

Please note that ELB Internet Services strives to be a good Netizen. We value your Privacy and Limit our services' availability to those who also strive to be good Netizens.
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