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Pete Billson Picture    Unfortunately, the sophisticated computer systems and the Internet that are so needed in today's business environment can be highly complex and very intimidating. Large organizations can afford to have dedicated Information Technology (IT) Departments that implement and manage their systems, but small and medium sized businesses can not.
   ELB takes the mystery out of computer solutions by acting as your IT Department, without the overhead. ELB offers many services to help small and medium sized businesses thrive in the computer age.
   ELB's services replace expensive, "off-the-shelf" commercial software solutions that force you to adjust your operations to the software. ELB tailors computer systems and software to your needs, integrating technology into your processes and offering training, support and service throughout implementation and operation - all from one source!
   The next few pages will help to give you an overview of the services we offer, but I encourage you to contact me about your particular situation. Every client has different needs and we are ready to provide a custom solution.
Peter W. Billson
Peter W. Billson
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